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Buttercream or Ganache?

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Hi all,

For my dads birthday at the end of the month, I want to make him a standing beer glass cake but I'm not sure weather to cover the cake with buttercream before the fondant or ganache then fondant?

I have never worked with ganache before so I can't compare the two.

I was hoping someone who has done something similar might be able to advise me.

I am worried that the fondant might slide if I use buttercream, but could the same happen with ganache? And is ganache as easy to apply as buttercream?

Thank you


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I think that either one will be fine under fondant. Just make sure you use a decorators buttercream if you use that. Ganache is simpler in my opinion( it only has two ingredients) and goes on very smooth! I prefer to lay fondant over a ganache. icon_smile.gif Check out my heart cake. That was ganache under the fondant and very smooth. Good luck to you!
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I would recommend ganache . I use a ratio of 300ml or cream to 1 kg of choc and it works well every time.  I find it hardens up really well overnight and this means that you are applying your fondant over a nice firm base. It is also easier in my opinion to get 'hard' edges with ganache. It also helps to hold cakes together - meaning for your beer glass cake it would provide another layer of support. Cant wait to see the finished product! xx

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Ganache every time for something like this for me.

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Thank you so much for your replies!


I was thinking ganache would be better, I have read so much about it, and people recommend it all the time for this sort of cake but I have never used it myself and was worried that it might be difficult for a newbie like me!


I think I will definitely give it a go though as I am worried buttercream might be too soft and make the fondant slide.


I am making it at the end of Feb, I will post a pic when it's done (unless it's a disaster, then I might just pretend I never mentioned making it, :lol: )


Thanks again x

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