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cream trouble!

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Hi everyone!
I am having trouble with all the different types of creams out there...I have two questions
1. What cream are fresh cream cakes covered with? It doesnt taste like buttercream and is white in colour.
2. I went out for a coffe n dessert woth my friend, and ordered a cornflake tart. It was presented with a little dollop of cream wirh a strawberry on top...the cream tasted AMAZING (yet I hate cream) wheni asked the lady what cream it was, she just said "whipped cream" but it tasted nothing like the whipped cream I had eaten before...any ideas what it could be?

Thank You in advance!!
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Fresh cream cakes, if they are true to their name they are covered with whipped cream, which is heavy cream that you whip with a mixer...thus whipped cream. Theres creme chantilly which you can Google to see the different recipes. It's typically whipped cream with sugar added.

What you had with the strawberry on top was more than likely some kind of whipped topping that's commercially made. Like cool whip or that brand that comes in the can.
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Where I live (EU) most of the cake fillings are made with whipped cream. Buttercream is only used for the final layer under the fondant. Creams made this way are light, fluffy and not so full of fat.


The possibilities are endless - you can add liquers, chocolate, fresh or cooked fruits, coffee, juices,.... If the cream becomes too thin, just add some gelatin.


Hope this helps.

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Thread Starter reminded me of the small teeny weeny amounts of cream that we used to have in scones at school...loved it. I have tried whipped cream in a can but uts not the same. I bought some whipping cream n whipped and added sugar but that didnt taste the same either.
Im desperate to find out! Thanks for ur reply xx

@unicicorn5 im in uk...aa far as I know, most cakes are filled with buttercream. Nice to know if the different creams...may try it out...thanks for your reply xx
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I'm more to the south. You still use buttercream? I'm just a litlle bit envious, because it really is much easier to handle, especially when working with fondant. With whipped cream you can never  achieve this beautiful sharp edge on the top.


Try some italian or french recepie, this is a site with lots of recepies -


Again - whipped cream changes the taste, when you add something to it - like natural aromas, alcohol, citrus oils, ...and it still can be white. Just try, you can't go much wrong.

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Aw thank u! Xx
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Sorry I'm in the US - I don't have any idea what a "fresh cream cake" is (sounds good tho). But if it's white, tastes kind of like cream, and kind of like what you used to have on scones, I imagine it involves a cultured cream, like Devon, double, clotted, sour cream, creme fraiche or mascarpone. For the most part, you can mix any of these with heavy cream and it will whip up. Then add sugar to taste and whip a little more. The cultured creams will also make it thicker and more stable.

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Thank u hun xx
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