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Yesterday I was going to make a quickie batch of SMBC. I have never had a SMBC fail – always turns out perfect. I cooked the boxed egg whites, (first time using boxed) whipped them up to soft peaks and added the butter.


It didn’t just curdle, it turn into a liquid soup with small bits of butter throughout. I mixed for and additional 30 mins. No change. At this point I thought it could have been the boxed whites – or my butter was too cold.


I switched to the whisk attachment and after approx.15 mins, it began to come together but it was more like a big chunk of butter with liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Still not good.


I suddenly remembered that I used 8oz egg whites instead of 10. Duuuuh. I removed the butter chunk from the bowl, cleaned it up and cooked an additional 2oz of (real) egg whites, along with 2TLB sugar. Mixed to soft peaks and began to add the chunk of butter mess.


The mixture went to liquid once again. I continued mixing for yet another 15-20 minutes. 


Believe it or not, it finally came together! I am still shocked that it did!

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Well done! You were very persistent. I think I would have given up long before then, and just blamed the boxed egg whites.
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