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2 colors

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I have a request to make a 2 their cake then a smash cake. They don't want fondant so my question to you is how would you do this.

They want bottom portion of the bottom cake to be white and the top of the sides to be pink but with a swooped effect. Same for the top and bottom teir.

I have a picture for reference but my phone won't allow me to post.

Thanks in advance

If you don't understand let me know
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image.jpg 70k .jpg file
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I've done cakes with 2 different colors of buttercream.... Here's what I would do.... Frost the entire cake in white, and then apply a slightly thinner consistency layer of pink overtop of the white on the top half. Smooth like you usually do and then maybe make your swoops with a small angled spatula. I've blended 3 different colors on the top of a cake to give a landscape effect in this fashion. I have not personally done one such as this, though I cannot imagine it would be much different. In my opinion, buttercream is very forgiving and my medium of choice. Good Luck!
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Ahhh.... Now I see the picture! I would continue to do what I said with frosting everything in white first, and then pipe the swags to be uniform, fill in, and then smooth and flatten once slightly crusted.
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Thank you very much. Very helpful
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