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How do I?

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I have two questions, but first let me explain why I use what I do. I go to the bulk barn and buy butter cream frosting, an I go to the store and buy super moist BC mixes

and doctor them up, as I don't bake alot and don't have much money so instead of buy each ingredient to make my own mix or frosting i use pre-made stuff.


anyways my questions are:


How do I make chocolate butter cream frosting and other types of frosting with pre-made butter cream frosting?


What are other ways to doctor up BC cake mixes? (the only way I do mine currently is use melted butter instead of oil and milk instead of water and add vanilla extract)



maybe my thoughts are right on how to do it but i don't want to go the wrong way about it. so here are my thoughts:


For doctoring up my frosting i can melt chocolate to make chocolate butter cream or use coco powder, and to make cream cheese just add cream cheese to butter cream frosting, ect.....


For doctoring up my cake mixes, just add melted chocolate or coco powder to make chocolate cake, shred up carrots and add to carrot mix, for lemon add lemon juice (maybe zest)

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Yes, you're correct. Frosting is easy to adjust because you can taste as you if you need more chocolate you can add more. Yes, you can add many things to frosting to flavor it anything from spices, oils, peanut butter, nutella, liqueurs, fruit puree's, caramel sauce, etc...


Changing up cake flavors isn't quite as easy, but it's still pretty darn easy. I don't think adding cocoa powder to a vanilla cake mix is as good tasting as buying a chocolate cake mix. But you can add many things to cake mixes to change their flavor just like frosting.


If you spend a couple hours online doing google searches or just reading here on threads you could find literally hundreds of recipes and ideas for you to doctor cakes and frostings.

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