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Wiltons Paste Christmas Red-YUCK

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I made a delicious Buttercream frosting that is out of this world. I added Wilton's Paste Christmas Red to it to create red icing and it became noxious. I had the most awful acrid aftertaste after eating the red icing. The delicious Buttercream was no longer what I was tasting. Is this normal for a heavily tinted icing? Or is this a Red tint problem?


Wanting to eat icing,




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It's Wilton's paste. With  Americolor you do not need to use as much because it has a better pigment and you do not get that after taste.

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You should use the Wilton no taste red gel coloring, you get red without the yucky taste!

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Thank you so much! I will try both products. Unfortunately, I just learned the hard way and ruined a day's worth of delicious baking. I will get better product now. :smile:

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~~This is something that I saved from a unknown source a long time ago, the koolaid works great! Red has got to be one of, if not THE hardest colors to come up with. Never, ever start from white (assuming you are working with b'cream). Instead, tint the icing a bright, bold pink before adding any (Wilton "no taste red" available @ Micheals) red gel/paste. Then it will take much less and should not get that bitter taste many complain about. IF you can tollerate (sp?) flavoring I recommend you add about 1/4 tsp UNsweetened KoolAid powder (per 1 cup of icing). (I have never actually measured how much KoolAid I add,) Any flavor that is red will work....personally I prefer black cherry. I've had people tell me strawberry has more color to it but I don't really think so icon_smile.gif When using KoolAid it really needs some 8-12 hours for the color to develop so color the icing the night before. Let sit on counter overnight, the next morning .....there might be many black specks - which are undissolved KoolAid granuals -but don't panic.....just give it a good stir & they will disappear icon_smile.gif

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