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This woman is NOT your friend.  She is someone taking advantage of you.  IMO there is no contract, you did this as a favor basically under the table and you haven't been paid - IN THIS CASE - you need to approach this in a different way.


Call the husband.  Tell him it has been 2 weeks, you did them a huge favor and you need to get paid.  IN CASH.  In the next 3 days.  Tell him it's cash or you're taking them to court.

If that doesn't work, move on to the next family member... her mother, her father, the groom's family.  Who cares if the bride gets embarrassed or pissed off.  She's the one in the wrong.


NO this is not the professional way to handle it but frankly this wasn't done in a professional way from the start.  Stop being passive aggressive.  Stop being nice.  You already did that and it screwed you. Time to put your foot down.


Learn from this experience.  Even if you are not operating legally, ALWAYS have a contract and get full payment no later than 30 days before the reception.

Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
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You say you dont have a case because there is no paper trail, then start making one.

Email her, you ordered xxx cake, for xxx date for an agreed preice of xxx amount to be paid in 3 installments, then list the first installment and the date it was paid.

Then list balance due.


BLIND CC Yourself on the email.

When she repsonds with her excuse, you have begun your paper trail.

If she does not respond, send the same again, add a note that a late fee will be added for every 3 days it remains unpaid.

On day 4, send it AGAIN, include the late fee...


Eventually she will respond if you keep at it....but you now have your paper trail to take her to small claims court.

Once she has responded, even if its an excuse, she has then acknoledged the verbal contract and can be held to it.


After 3 or 4 attempts of waiting these 3 days at a time bits, (IF shes given you the paper trail and is still full of excuses) give her one last "3-day" window to make the payment and tell her if you do not receive that payment within the next 3 days, simply state that you have been more than patient, she has taken advantage of your friendship when you were trying to work with her, but no will see her in court.

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And while you're debating all the options on how to harass a non-friend into paying you, get a contract made up that's been looked over by an attorney, who will be able to tell you if what's in it is actually legal in your area. Then start using it and make sure that you're paid in full three weeks before events to give checks a chance to clear the bank.

If you have no contract now and only a verbal agreement, you can start a paper trail, but if you're not a legal business I don't know how that would affect any kind of court action. You might be able to say she didn't pay, but she could turn you in to the health department or whoever it is that regulates home businesses. You might want to talk to an attorney about your chances in court before deciding to sue her for the cost of 2/3 of a wedding cake. If it's less than $500 it's probably not worth the attorney fees to pursue it, and you can just chalk it up to a cheap business lesson in the long run.
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NEVER,EVER,deliver a cake not paid in full in advance.Require full payment 30 days before wedding delivery and except NO checks closer than 30 days.Require a sizable non refundable deposit at the time of taking the order.

Lesson learned the hard way! We've all been there.

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