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I am on to my 4th bag of sugarveil now, and every time I try it stays sticky.......I have Beaton it for 4minutes put it in the fridge over night then beat it for one minute after it returns to normal temp. Then the same as before except beat it for 10 minutes!!! Have left it as long as 24 hours .....still stickey.....running out of steam now, my niece is getting married in two weeks and I promised to cover the wedding cake with sugarveil. Please help........12 midnight sitting looking as sticky sugarveil that was put on the mat 14 hours ago"............."Thanks. Belinda xx
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Hi I have only used sugarveil ones before and I had the same problem, but it did eventually sort of become manageable. There is another product think its called sweet lace and its pre made up and comes in a wee bucket haven't had a chance to try it yet.
It did say some where that you can put the lace in the oven at a very low temp with fan off sorry I can't remember the temp or for how long.
Hope you get sorted
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I'm not sure what part of the country you live in but maybe it is very humid where you are.  You could put your mat in the oven on a very low temp for a while to get it to dry slightly.  What I would suggest you do first is go onto the surgarveil facebook page and ask there.  Look for SugarVeil Icing on Facebook.  You will find a lot of information there.  


I've never put my sugarveil in the fridge, I just cover it and leave it out on the counter overnight. Then beat it back to the right consistency and spread it.  Depending on the time of year it can take several hours to dry enough to remove from the mat.


Good luck, I hope you get your problem solved cause this stuff is really fun to work with.

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you might also try to contact emilyg here on cc...she is with sugar veil and is very helpful with these types of questions.

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Thank you sooooo much for your advice, made some up early yesterday , checked it this morning still not set,,done as you said , put it in the over for a few minutes at very low temp with oven door open, and yes it was dry!!! Tat ah. Thanks for all the advise..................Belinda xx
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Thanks for your help, have put it the oven , just put in four minutes after oven was turned worked.
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hi everyone... I need to know how much gum tex do I have to add to fondant in order to make the fondant get harder?
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