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When the webpage first popped up, I thought "WOW" that's fabulous.  The page should have ended right there.....because

You lost me after that.    55% of communication is VISUAL and the site should have  allowed me to go look at all of the photos of what you are selling by using the Pop Up menus with a Gallery of Photos.



Quote: " I may look into removing many of the descriptions (like for chocolate chip cookies) but I felt that many of the items needed descriptions, as they are not familiar to this area (northeast). My target market is young families that are looking to supply a touch of affordable gourmet to their parties. "


  • well, I'm looking at your typed words for [ chocolate chip cookies ].......and it does not drive me to want one.
  • and are you really trying to sell people stuff that they are not familiar with? why gamble.
  • Young families can't afford gourmet, most don't even know what it is.  They go to WallMart & Costco.
  • From the photos on the first page of the website it's obvious that you have excellent decorating skills !!!  ;-D


now you need excellent professional web creation help to show them off.

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I'm going to be the voice of dissent here...i have people (web designers, not customers) tell me that my website has too much text on it all the time. But brides tell me that THEY LOVE THE INFO and are glad to have it to go through. Then they complain that other websites don't tell you anything, they just show pretty pictures. You do have a lot of menu and pricing informtion, so I'd condense that down, but don't go minimalist, people don't like that.

I'd make your gallery of photos one of the tabs at the top of the page, and have one pricing page. You don't need to list every flavor that you have, but just put enough on there that it makes people hungry .icon_smile.gif

Also, text is better for google to find your website. My site is very text-heavy and consistently ranks at the top of google. I know it must be good considering how many people have copied text from my site and used it on theirs, then I have to get their ISPs to shut their :grin:website down until they take it off. It's a weekly thing. So don't copy someone else's site. icon_biggrin.gif
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Change "Sweet Inspirations" to "Gallery"

And make it a part of your main menu.


Also, add some cake pics on the other pages.  It's great but no pics.


Also, City and State and areas you service should jump out at people who find your site.

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Here's my $0.02 worth:


I agree with costume, brides want lots of info.  When it comes to custom orders, I think that is about the only page you can get away with putting lots of info.


So, have 1 tab for custom cakes and another for everything else.


For the main products, I would suggest grouping things together.  Have a section for cookies, but within that section, grouped things that are priced the same and skip the descriptions.  Yes, everyone has their own version of a chocolate chip cookie, but the basic flavors of a chocolate chip cookie, everyone is familiar with.


bars & brownies could be grouped together, pies, cupcakes, and then have a miscellaneous that everything else falls under.


Then have your prices set for each group of flavors, and put what flavors fall under each price.


The products that are customizable (like your peanut butter cookies that can include M&M's or reeces) put a * next to it.  At the end of the page, make a note that products with a * are customizable.


My last advice is kind of a question.  Where are you located?  It drives me crazy when bakeries do not at least list their city & state they are in.  I know those that rent kitchen space can't put an address, but at least put what city & state you are in.


If someone stumbled upon your site because they were interested in ordering, they'd want to first make sure they could order from you or if you were 10 states away from them.


I hope that helps!



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Okay, I have updated the website. I took a lot of the suggestions, so hopefully this helps!

Can I get feedback about the new site? TIA!!

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the previous post is just a spammer linking to his pay-for-SEO site. The advice is generic crap, too. don't bother.

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