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my bottom 12 in cake tier split while flipping the 2nd 2 inch cake on top to frost it.

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 My question is I can put together and frost it but do I dare still try to stack it   ( this is to be a two tier cake_ ??? )   It is late and I need some sleep before doing my full time job  no time to rebake tonight but should I just stay up all  night tomorrow and rebake it  ( is it better safe then sorry ) 

                                                                                                Thanks every one.   

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Hi , I just want to make sure I understand. When you stacked the second tier on the first , the first tier split ( or practically crushed).
The most important thing to note here is that when you stack tiers of cake you must insert supports into the bottom cake before you stack the next tier.
You can do that after covering the cake . Make sure you put at least 3 supports for a relatively small 2nd tier or more for a larger 2nd tier. Before you stack the second tier, you should put the second tier cake on some type of strong cardboard base , cover the second tier and then stack it over the supports.
If you need to move the cake around , after stacking the cakes, I recommend to also stick one strong support through the center of the cake from top to bottom and through the base so the cake doesnt flip.
Regarding your broken bottom tier. Whether you can reuse it.
It depends on how bad the situation is , on how much weight eventually goes on the top and on whether at the end you need to deliver the cake lets say by carrying it around in the car.
If all of the above are true I would make a new cake - if you have time of course....
If not you could consider maybe fixing and using it...
I hope I didn't tire you with the long answer.
I'm here if you have more questions.....good luck....
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I think she means it split when putting 2 layers on top of each other to frost not stacking.

I wouldn't risk it if the split is central as the dowels won't have any grip. I've stuck single tier cakes back together. No one knew. Oh and get a cake lifter icon_smile.gif
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thank you for your replies,  I really appreciate it.  I did mean the bottom tier's the first two inch then frost for the middle and when putting the 2nd  2 inc cake on top it split.  well at work today I thought all day and so I came home and re-baked.  the rebaked cake I was using a cake lifter and sure enough the new baked cake cracked also but only a little in the corner.   UGH !  I dont often use the 12 inch rounds but I do 10 inch rounds all the time and no problem.  I put a extra egg in which they tell me helps.  well it is now midnight and I have to be up at 5 and deliver cake at  6 in car.  crossing my fingers . going to use this 2nd attempted cake with a small crack in it.  will let you know how it goes  I will avoid heavy decorations in that area.  

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We'll good luck tomorrow!
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I don't think a cracked corner will give you drama. Good luck!
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cake made the drive for delivery.   here is photo


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Looks great.....great job.
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Thank you everyone,  I can tell you that there are good days and bad days in cake decorating,   I have to take my hat off for those who have made careers doing cakes. 

It is such a comfort to have this site and wonderful, generous people willing to give advise and encouragement.   

thank you again

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that is one sweet cake~~bound to delight wyatt et al --


you probably already do this but i just wanna  put a coupla things out there--


have two racks ready or two cardboard circles ready--to flip your cake layers--


the bottom of your cake is flat--obviously --right --so when you turn it out of the pan--flip it back over on the flat side right away--


so -- flip it out of the pan then over again to help prevent cracking--flip/flip 


i usually leave my cakes in the pan till they cool--why risk it--some bakers freeze their cakes in the pan--cold cake handles much easier--


cut off the top of the cake so it has a flat surface to balance on too--


if it cracks--pipe enough icing in there to glue it all up-- viola--


and if you really are in a pinch and it's a formal cake--a cake for a formal occasion--tint the icing to match the color of the cake so it's not as noticeable--sure sure re-bake is best but not always efficient/possible--


cracked thoughts for you :-D


(and no more all nighters ;)

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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Nice Cake!!! I am sure that everyone was delighted with the cake!! You did an excellent job!!!

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Thank you all  K8Memhis , thank you for the tips,   I was rushing so the cakes were not as cool as I normally have them.    Most my cakes are done between 10 pm and 3 am ,  ( I have a special needs son and try not to interfer with the family time.  ) just alot easier to do when they are all in bed,  

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