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Dowelling Fruit Cakes

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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help me?

I am making a fruit wedding cake and just wondered if anyone had any advice on dowels?

I make cakes for friends and family and have made lots of stacked sponge cakes but haven't been asked to do a stacked fruit cake until now.

The cake has 3 tiers of 10,8,6" each on a separate cake board, marzipanned and covered in sugarpaste. I would usually use bubble straws for this size sponge cake or thin plastic dowels by was unsure what would be best for fruit cake.

P.s I know some people don't dowel fruit cakes but for peace of mind I want to dowel it.

Thank you in advance
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Hi L, if it was just a bottom tier of fruitcake and two sponge cakes, I say don't bother ruining the fruitcake with dowels. But three fruitcakes with almond paste and sugar paste - that's quite a weight, so i'd definitely dowel the bottom two.  I'd use the standard plastic dowels, no problem.  You don't need the extra thick ones. Straws would be a no-no, in my opinion. Best of luck with it!

(PS make sure you have a helper lined up to lift the cake with you - all fruitcake  wedding cakes are serious weight!)

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Thank you for your help. Yes I have roped my husband into lugging the cake about for me. I'll post pics after the big day!
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