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Tips please!

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Any tips on how I do a proper face and also stop his leg from falling/cracking? I am very new to cake decorating this is only my second cake and would appreciate any tips or feedback so I can get better as there are no classes in my area.

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I have never done any figurines from fondant so I can not be of any help but I wanted to say that your cake is so cute!!!! Hopefully, someone here will be able to help you!!!

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Cute cake. What did you make the fisherman out of?

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Hi there,

I made him out of fondant. I have seen wonderful cakes with characters that have these amazing little faces! I guess you learn more by just practising and experimenting. Used a little tooth pick to keep him upright etc. however the leg hanging over started to perhaps droop and I ended up with a little crack. My friend didn't even notice but of course you notice your own little errors! Eeek

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What a great cake you made

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Second cake?! Looks great!
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Only your second cake?/...Wow good job..I can't tell if your fisherman is standing or sitting from the could use lollipop sticks or dowels to support the legs.

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Yeah second one, my first one was a plainer one with flowers. Yeah he is sitting down, sitting on a rock/hanging over the side of the cake effect...II sort of thought I could do a horizontal little tooth pick but you'd still probably see the hole on the side and the fondant may still sag/droop I've read a bit more about it and I'm thinking maybe the weather/temperature didn't help.

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temperature is definitely a bummer for fondant.


and you're right, faces will just take practice. maybe you could just spend some time following youtube videos or pictures of fondant characters that you like the facial features of, and practice copying those yourself.

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First off, I really love your cake.  The details are fun and interesting.  The cat tails and rocks and other additions are spot on.

For your figurine legs, mix the fondant with a little Wilton Gumtex.  It makes it stronger and faster to set so there is less stretching time.

As for theface.  Use the rule that the eyes are in the center of the face.  You placed them up a bit which makes the character less inviting.  Also, big eyes add a lot of punch to a figurine.  Increase the size of your eye, and add a small white dot for glisten.

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When I make fondant figures I use a 50/50 mix (half fondant and half gumpaste) to make them sturdier. When I have the sitting, I make them with internal supports like toothpicks or bamboo skewers and set them into a styrofoam cake dummy to dry. I have tried lots of things to support them as they dry and the best thing I have found so far is make slings of wax paper to support them and use pins to hold the wax paper at strategic points by sticking them into the styrofoam. Used to have cracked legs and dropping shoes and haven't had an issue since I have been doing this. Lots of great Youtube videos as stated to help guide you through the process. I also have taken the Craftsy classes on figures and have found them very helpful. Good luck!
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You're cake looks great! For figures I usually use Fondx Fondant and CMC (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose) which is a fondant stabilizer. It makes the fondant have a gumpaste consistency and dries great. You can get a sample for $1 at and mix it in to your fondant. Hope this helps. Goodluck! icon_smile.gif
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Wow thanks so much for your help ladies I really appreciate it!

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Cake 3 yay no fondant faces needed this time hahah

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You have done a lovely job, well done you ! I'm dying to do a tiered cake , how did you find it? I've watched so many videos on them did you find it easier or harder than you expected ?
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