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Hi everyone!

Cake Carnival is an awesome opprotunity to learn from some of the industry's best:

James Rosselle
Mary Maher
Karen Portaleo
Joshua John Russell
Marina Sousa
Elisa Strauss

I have signed up for this class, but unfortunately my son is having surgery very close to this date and I will need to tend to him, not attend this class!

I have paid a third deposit, and I'm willing to sacrifice that if you take my spot. That means you get to attend this amazing class for only $900 instead of $1200.

Here's the link for more info:

Please please please contact me if you are interested!
Thank you so much!
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Hi Sheeny, that's such a shame you can't go, but your son is obviously your priority.  I'm not much help afraid in that I can't go myself (but would love to!) but I just thought I'd bump this up so more people would see it! Hope you get it sold and best wishes to your son.

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Wow, what a great event, unfortunately Ontario, Canada is a bit far for me! The goodie bags sound pretty awesome too...

Best wishes for your son btw.
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Hi -

Do you still have your Cake Carnival Registration available?  I would love to buy it from you if so!

Please let me know as soon as you can.



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Thanks for the bumps! Yes it is still available cakecrafts, I've messaged you!
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Cakecrafts I haven't heard back from you... still interested?
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Sheeny, I emailed you like you asked 2 days ago. I want to buy it from you!
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I think it is so awesome for you to offer this. It would be fantastic for it to work out for both of you.

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Did you get someone to take this offer yet?
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Yes, I just finalized everything today. Sorry....
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