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Lightbulb moment !!

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I had one yesterday while searching for a solution to my method of lining my pans with a sheet of wax paper I cut myself for each pan. I checked into buying the parchment rounds from the cake supply store near me, but they were like 19 cents each! What? I'm too cheap for that! But I'm busy and Sick of taking the time to cut them. I happened to spy some extra Coffee Filters on the counter my husband left out after morning coffee, and it dawned on me. Food safe, 8" paper circles. Cupcake papers for 6" and 4" pans. No more cutting! Worked like a charm! Dollar store! 100 filters for a buck! Wah hahaha! I'll check into getting the brown organic ones some day, but for now, Cheap! white coffee filters are my new friends! 

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That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

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Hey, that is a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing because this will save some time for sure!!!! YAH!!!! 

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That's brilliant!
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