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Can you smooth out dried royal icing decorations?

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Working with royal icing transfers for the first time and I think the icing wasn't thin enough because I had to use a tooth pick to fill it all the way in.  I made bubble guppie characters and their faces and bodies aren't smooth like I had hoped. Is there a way to smooth these decorations out? I tried a hairdryer for a bit but it  didn't seem to do the trick.  I would love any tips cause i really don't have time to redo them.  Thanks

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Use a brand new emery board to file any rough bits away?

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I have no clue how to fix your problem and I hope someone can chime in with an answer. But I wanted to mention I've made transfers with chocolate and they're super quick to dry (obviously) if you have to redo them.
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Not really much you can do if they're completely dry.  You could try to pipe another, thin layer over them.  It might help, but they still may not be exactly what you'd like.

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Hmmmmm   a new emery board??? I will try that and if it doesn't work..... I will try to do an overlay.   I have used chocolate before and love it. I only use chocolate for none detailed work. Thank you all for responding. If any others have a better fix please let me know.

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maybe brush over it with slightly damp soft bristled paint brush.

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ttaunt I am not sure if that will work but best believe I will try it if I need to. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I'm not sure it will work either,but I'm amazed at how fast royal icing dissolves from my utensils when it hits the kitchen sink. So I thought a little gentle persuasion with a wet brush just might work. Please let me know if it does.

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Yes, I too looooove how quick royal icing dissolves from utensils and maybe the water and paint brush and the "gentle" persuasion might work. lol I will be sure to keep you all posted. Wish me lots of luck. lol
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Ok I found the solution!!!!! It may not be a good one but it worked. ........ttaunt.... Unfortunately yours suggestion didn't work. I tried and tried but the only thing that happened was some colors started to blend alittle. I just got too impatient to continue. Soooooooooo........ I went out and bought a new little, battery operated, hand held dremel that they sell for your fingernails. Very gently without applying too much pressure I was able to smooth down the higher, bumpier areas and brushed away all the dust with a dry paint brush. Careful do NOT apply too much pressure when doing this I actually cracked one of the faces completely in half. No biggie... I just added more RI under it, repositioned it and then mended it by apply another coating of RI on top. After doing that I used more RI which I thinned out to work it over the entire surface again. I used a little RI on a paint brush with a drop of water and adding either more RI or water as needed to fill the area. (It reminded me of how acrylic is applied when getting your nails done.) I am soooooooo glad that all my time and powdered sugar didn't go to waste!
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Just happy you found a solution. Yay

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Thank you for your help.
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