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Cupcake Decorating Classes

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I'm thinking about putting together and hosting a cupcake decorating class in my community. I have an online cupcake business that delivers. I want the class to be a basic one like how to make buttercream and how to frost a cupcake. Maybe also tap into fondant.


My questions are:

  • How much should I charge? I will include everything. 
  • How and where should I advertise?
  • What other things should I include & talk about in the class? (2hr)
  • Should I target kids, adults or both?


Thank you for all your comments & advice ahead of time.

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I can't tell you how much to charge and who to target. You could offer cupcake decorating at Birthday parties or mini cakes (something I've considered).

Things to consider:
Does anyone in your area also offer classes like this?
How many people will you have per class? Do you have enough equipment and space to teach them how to make BC you don't want people tripping over the stove or blenders.
Do they get to keep their supplies?
You'll need to be able to charge enough to make money for your time as well as supplies and ingredients.

I'd say advertise in a place where people buy cake supplies, however, most of these places offer their own classes (Wilton).

I'm not trying to deter you, just some things to consider icon_smile.gif
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