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Whipped ganache

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Hi everyone,
I did a serch for this but couldn't find anything so forgive me if there is already a thread for this.
I am just wondering how long whipped ganache can stay out of the fridge?
The recipe I used has 1lb of chocolate and 1qt of cream.
I am covering my cake in fondant on Friday night for lunch time on Saturday, will it be ok out of the fridge for that amount of time?
If not i will just use regular ganache.

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I just use my regular ganache recipe and whip it with a mixer after it cools, this can stay out of the frig as long as its not hot and humid, then it will melt.  Your recipe sounds like a lot of cream to only a lb of chocolate...

JSK Confections
JSK Confections
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Yeah it is very creamy, it is alot less sweet and It helps to break up the sweetness of all the ganache. Thankyou for your help. =)
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I've had a lot of issues lately with Ganache and Environmental health not trusting the shelf life. So I have had to research this a lot and I got a recipe tested (cost me a fortune!), using 3:1 white chocolate to long-life cream gives a room temperature shelf life of 10 days, however, increasing the cream content and more importantly decreasing the sugar content shortents this.

If your sugar content is very low you will safely have only as low as only 3 hours at room temperature.

Sugar retards the growth of food poisoning organisms by making water less available to them so less sugar means more water available and so faster growth.

Whipping the ganache adds air which, if your sugar content is low enough, can allow different, more low-water tolerant nasties so you need even more sugar in whipped ganache.

My suggestion is simply to add as much sugar as you can stand the taste of, I use a nice soft brown sugar as it tastes and disolves better than granulated white.
You can also keep your chocolate ratio high but this makes your ganache set firm of course.
Your third alternative is to refrigerate your cake below 8C, this will extend a 3hr room temperature maximum to 3 days maximum.

Hope that helps icon_smile.gif
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Thankyou so much!! It definetly helps!
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