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Maters cake mouth?

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I was asked to make this cake. I'm curious as to how they went about making the mouth. Is the actual Fondant on the cake or do you think it's just layered fondant on top?
Any advice is helpful icon_smile.gif thank you!
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I think the top part was added on.

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I actually made my own version of that cake:


Lightening McQueen & Towmater! all decor is done with MMF & Chocolate MMF, except Black & Red - done in Duff's

For the eyes - I made the whole piece off of the cake and then adhered it to the cake.

For the mouth - I covered 1/2 the cake with a thin piece of black fondant, then covered the whole cake with brown fondant, then CAREFULLY cut out the shape of the mouth using an exacto knife and being very careful to inly cut through the brown fondant.  Then I took some paper towel crumbles and placed it under the lips to have them flare a bit, let it dry a bit and then cut teeth and placed them where I wanted.


Good luck!  I loved making this cake!

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Oh thank you so so much !! Your cake looks awesome! I was thinking of that option too! I'm just scared ill cut through both pieces with an exacti knife! I'm so anxious to give this cake a try!
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Oh!  I forgot, I did do one other thing!  After I applied the black fondant, I determined where i wanted to the mouth to be and cut a small square of parchment and "stuck" it to the black with a teeny dab of shortening,  Then, when I went to cut through the brown, I would it the parchment first.  :)  Good luck and enjoy!

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Ahh! Genius ! Thank you so much! icon_smile.gif
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