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cold or room temp eggs

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which is better,cold or room temp eggs in baking cakes.also is it better to measure flour before or after cakes has been good until now,they get crumbly and dont know why.someone suggested flour,only that i noticed when i used cold eggs it comes out thicker. pls help!

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I leave my eggs sit on the counter to take the chill off.  I don't usually let them go to room temperature entirely, but I have read that it makes for better batter if it does.  Supposedly they will mix in better.  As for flour, I think it's best to measure by weight and volume.  A cup of flour sifted can weigh differently than a cup of flour unsifted.  A cup of AP flour will weigh different than a cup of cake flour. 

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I let my eggs get to room temperature, or at least close.  As for flour and dry ingredients I measure it all by weight.  1 cup sifted flour is a lot lighter than 1 cup unsifted flour.

Never used to weigh my ingredients until recently and it makes a huge difference in quality - at least for me.

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Agreed. Room temperature and WEIGH. It is so much better than measuring. Takes all the guess work out of it. I made the same cake once weighing the ingredients and then using cups and the weighed cake was better. It was a noticeable difference. Invest in a pretty good kitchen scale. It's worth it
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