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Wavy ruffle wedding cake help!

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I'm doing a soft wavy ruffled wedding cake using fondant...but the ruffles keep drooping. Is there something to add to the fondant to keep the waves upright?

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Could you add a bit of gum paste to make the fondant more sturdy but still edible?

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you want to make sure that they are thin enough.  Then you can use toothpicks or bunched up pieces of paper towels to put under the ruffles to hold them up until they dry.  As the ruffles are usually eaten I use straight fondant for taste.  good luck.

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That makes sense about straight fondant, my apologies!

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Fondant only, gumpaste will dry hard. chk this tutorial

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I've seen that tutorial, but the ruffles on this cake are large and spread out...

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Use toothpicks to hold it up until the shape sets. Make sure it is rolled thin enough and not too heavy.

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You can also add some powdered sugar to make the fondant a little stiffer.

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Thanks you guys for all the suggestions! 

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How did this cake turn out?  I'm doing one exactly like this in April and would love any and all info and tips!  TIA! :D

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I was very happy with the results! Two things I learned, think outside of the box when cutting the fondant waves, some of mine looked like amoebas, but they looked great on the cake. Also, roll your fondant out very, very's a pain to work with, but it works better because the thinner the lighter, and they'll stay up better. I used torn pieces of paper towels and toothpicks to hold them up and dry. Then I filled in the kettle holes with icing and a wet brush to smooth. Here is a pic of the cake...



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That's awesome, totally nice job.

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Turned out great!

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Looks great!

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I'm doing this cake in June, love how yours turned out.  What did you use to darken the edges?  Funny my bride had the exact same picture you showed at the beginning.  funny!  Thanks for the suggestions, I'm excited!

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