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White buttercream

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I need to make bright colourful buttercream for a young lady's "Hawaiian" theme birthday bash aged 12, I want to first get advice on the whitest type of butter to use I was going to use lurpak butterany suggestions on what else to use would be appreciated.
Also has anyone used wilton white for buttercream, does anyone know the name of a web site that can supply some to me in the uk,
Last of all once I have used wilton white can I then colour on top of that as I need the brightest colours for the theme.
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In the UK you can use shortening as your base . In the UK shortening goes by the name Flora White or Trex. If you need a recipe for buttercream just personal message me and ill give my recipe.
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Thanks for the reply but I am ok for a recipe for butter cream it was the whitening side of things I need the help with, because of the vibrant colours needed. Never heared of flora white though ! I will seek it out, won't be using Trex though as the taste is not nice. :0))
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I have used it and it does help a bit, what type of buttercream are you using? 

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Has anyone used wilton white and where can I get it in the uk .? Anna
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Where are you located? If you have Michael's nearby, they will usually have it.

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Hi! I've seen on Cake Central that you can use the tiniest bit of purple in the 'yellowy' butter cream to make it white. I haven't tried it myself yet...but have seen really good reviews. The next time I make my smbc I'm going to give it a try.

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Hi I am in Manchester UK the butter here is usually yellowish, I've heard of wilton white for butter cream but can't find any , I will probably use swiss style with egg whites. But thanks everyone for the tip/suggestions . Take care .anna
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Dear Gemmal thanks so much for posting the link for me for Wilton White I have now placed my order and its on its way to me tomorrow. Take care and thanks everyone x
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No probs, they are really good at getting things to you the next day with first class post if you order by 3pm just don't bother with the economy post, it takes ages. Hope it works =]

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