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Flower Petal Cake

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Hi ladies! Does anybody have any experience making this cake? I am making my friend's wedding cake in two weeks and she wants exactly this cake.


Obviously the rest of the cake is just plain, but I'm concerned with how to attach these fondant / gum paste petals to the cake!


Thanks in advance for the input!!!


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You could use royal icing, melted chocolate, etc. Anything you have on hand that acts as a glue
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Kara Buntin has a tute:

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I forgot to add - my bride doesn't want fondant, she wants buttercream. If I used buttercream to stick the petals to the dry buttercream, wouldn't they just fall off?


Freaking out lol!

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I've used buttercream to attach light things to buttercream and it has worked ok for me.


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This has nothing to do with what you are asking but I think this cake would be so much prettier with glam ribbon on it from buy it in 36 inch long strips and cut it to what size you need, even just on the bottom tier in the pink color or silver would add so much to the look of it. Or is it purple the color of that flower? They have purple color too.
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Thanks Annie8! I tried it last night and they were sliding down a bit. I am contemplating attaching the petals to wires using chocolate and sticking them in that way!

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Hope that works ok for you! I would think it should.  Sorry the buttercream didn't hold strong enough. :/

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There was a similar thread here, you could contact the op for help.

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