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Grad Cake help

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Hello all, wondering if you all wouldn't mind sharing some advice. I have a fairly easy cake order where the customer would like a half sheet of cake with one half showing the high school logo and then the other half showing the college the graduate is attending logo. The kicker is that she would like a bridge in the middle of the cake showing the graduate going from high school to college.


Well I'm about to start working on it and started sizing up my materials. I informed the customer I'd be purchasing the bridge and the grad figurine since it would be a bit more to make from hand. After sizing up the bridge and figurine on the cake it is clearly too large for a half sheet. It would totally take away from each logo I will place on it. I've thought about going up in size 3/4 sheet to give myself some more room. Or even thought about asking the customer if she really needs to have the bridge. I don't mind either since she is a friend, although not a super close friend. More of an acquintance I'd say.


Any thoughts or ideas anybody can give would be much appreciated. Frankly I don't like the idea, I think the bridge is ugly and tacky and I hate doing cakes when I don't like the customer's idea. I feel like this is my name and work out there. I'm sure you all can relate.


Thanks a bunch!

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I agree, I dislike making cakes when I do not like the design! However, people want what they want....maybe make the college logo raised up on a smaller layer or cake, so the bridge will fit? 

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Would it be too much to do say 2- 1/4 sheet cakes (a logo on each) and the bridge on the edge of the cakes crossing over??  Just a thought.  Good Luck!

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