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help! pregnant belly cake

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I was asked for a quote on a pregnant belly cake and the ones I've made only serve about 18 people she needs it to serve 35. How do I make a larger one? I cant find larger pans

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There isn't a pan or cutter for everything you know. Sometimes you just gotta improvise. You could get by with carving the cake out of torted and filled layers. Just make sure that, since it would be a carved cake, you're charging appropriately for all the ingredients, materials and labor that goes into creating the cake.


Edit: Or you could use the pans you already have and place that on another cake to make up the number of servings you need.

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How about using oven safe (pyrex) bowls.

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Ive never made one so this is just a thought......How about placing your belly cake on top of a sheet cake so it can serve more? good luck.

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This fed 25-30 I use 2 4" cake pans for the boobies and stack 2" 8" for the belly. (Buttercream between layers) I carve to make the chest smaller than belly and fill with cake where needed. Make the edges smooth and rounded. The key is thick buttercream. <- These are the funnest cakes to make. Here is the most recent one ive done.
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Thanks for the replies. I will either put it on top a sheet cake or carve it out.... AllaMarie those cakes are alot of fun & yours is to cute! Im getting so many requests for these cakes but was trying to figure out the best way to go about making it to feed more people. Thanks again

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