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Stabilized Whip Cream

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I was reading through the forum on this topic as I've been having a difficult time finding a stabilized whipped cream for an upcoming cake.  After some internet searching I found this...


I'm going to try this recipe tonight!

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How did it go? I've really wanted to make a black forest cake covered with fondant (buttercream just wouldn't taste like the real deal) but always chickened out because of the cream! Hope it worked for you x

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Honestly, I'm on the fence here.  It held up well over night and for the hour I placed in on the counter this morning.  I think it would work well if there's little manipulation when coating the cake.  And of course keeping it refrigerated until ready to serve.  I'm not comfortable providing this for a client if it's going to be sitting out.


As far as execution goes, watch the timing for the gelatin.  I left it in the refrigerator too long and it was too stiff to whip and I had to start over.  I found it was the right consistency at 7 minutes.  

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The problem with the gelatin is that if you try to move it (i.e. spread it, pipe it, etc.) after it has started to set, it starts to look rough, like it's been torn. Add a heaping Tablespoon of clear piping gel to a quart of fresh whipped, then sweetened, cream. That will do the trick. I would still always refrigerate it though. Good luck!

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My personal experience with the gelatin stabilized whipped cream is that the instant the gelatin hits the cold whipped cream it becomes gummy and can make the texture of the whipped cream a bit stringy. The next time I think I will try either the piping gel technique or I have read that just adding either gelatin powder/pudding mix (no water or heating) can also stabilize. I don't have many requests for this type of frosting so unfortunately I just haven't "played" with it much.

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I tried the piping gel technique.  It worked beautifully!!!  I made a gluten-free vanilla almond cake with a strawberry mousse.  It held for three days.

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Awesome! Glad it worked for you. 

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