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How to get a nice flat cake

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Hi Guys,


I've tried to not over-beat my cake mix, but the cake is still coming out with the centre raised, resulting in me having to cut away quite a bit of the cake - very frustrating.


Does anyone have tips on what I'm doing wrong and what I can do right to get a nice flat surfaced cake.  If anyone has a really nice chocolate cake recipe, that would also be nice :-)




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you can lower the temp by 25 degrees and raise the rack up one level you will have to bake the cake a little longer just check on it maybe 20-30 min.  what I normally do is when the cake comes out take a pot holder and gently push down on the part of the cake that has risen up. also just remember to flip the cake over and use the bottom for the top it's always nice and flat.

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There are two things I do which help to keep the cake from doming much. I barely have to do any leveling. First I spin the cake pan before putting it in the oven. This helps push some of the batter to the edges and the center is lower. When it bakes and the middle domes, it is not as high. After the cake comes out of the oven, I put a piece of parchment or waxed paper on top, then gently press down on the cake with a smaller cake pan.

Some recipes will dome a lot more than others, so this may not work with every recipe.
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I use bake even strips from Wilton.  It has made a huge difference.  If you don't want to buy them, you can make your own.

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Pour cake batter into pan, and leave it out at room temp for 20 min before putting into oven! icon_wink.gif

Maybe reduce temp by 20 degrees too.
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Bake even strips will make a massive difference. I made my own with an old tea towel, just soak it and pin around the slide of the cake pan
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Some recipes dome more than others, and it is party finding the right recipe.  I agree with lower oven temp, bake even strips, and I use heat core nails for larger cakes, but would consider them in any cake that domes.  I do not smash down my cakes (shudder) as I have looked long and hard for light fluffy recipes and don't want to make them any denser!. If you have a domed cake and simply flip it over, that does give you a flat surface, but also runs the risk of having the cake bend downward around the outside edge and breaking.  Bottom line- most of the time there is some leveling to do.  

I'd rather be baking!
I'd rather be baking!
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Hi everyone!


I never (so far) do any leveling.  I do all my baking at 325 and depending on the size of cake is the time I set  on timer


While I am waiting for the cake to be cook I  ready the following : a cheese cloth, a cake board the same size as cake being bake,


As soon as I take the cake out  I put the cloth over the cake, put the cake board over the cloth and press firmly and  evenly, this gives me a very level flat cake.  


This is what I do, and works for me!




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Bake even strips!!! I agree, spin the pan, place in the center of the oven, an bake 25 degrees lower than the recommended temperature.
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I've read that this is a great recipe. Its very rich.
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