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True disaster!!!

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I have been following this forum for long time and finally decided to join. But I need help!!! Any way to save this cake disaster? I am about to scream!!!!
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If your serious and aren't going to be offended this is what I would do:


Put the cake in the freeze.

As soon as the flowers are frozen carefully lift them off the cake, put on a try and refreeze flowers (you did a real nice job making your flowers!)


bring cake back up to room temp.

Scrap off as much frosting as possible but don't knick into the cake

Remix your buttercream (colors and all)


Re-frost cake and work on perfecting the smoothness (you need to take longer working on your smoothing this time)

Completely chill cake

Re-smooth cake by adding in fresh frosting to perfect angles, get sharp edges and smoothness in flat areas


Add some white frosting to you base color, but just to tint it a shade lighter then your base, avoid a stark contrast and pipe your borders very small

Place frozen flowers back on cake, place in clusters not ringing around the edges for a more natural look

Add more white to your base, tinting it even lighter then the borders and pipe wording with this shade


Then go back and pipe leafs to hide problem area. Leafs can fall randomly here and there and don't have to be next to a flower to look good


then have a stiff drink.......... to try and relax and learn from this

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What seems to be the problem?

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Yes your flowers are great! I would do what "sprinkles" suggested above, and all should work out. Good luck.
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Thank you Stitches! I am on eastern time so I was pretty much beat last night and went to bed shortly after posting my question. Your advice is great but I just didn't feel like messing with the cake. I had nice edges but the icing just wouldn't stick to the cake. When I got up this morning I decided to redo it and as I was taking off the flowers I saw that the icing was falling even further. I did save the roses, they were made from RI, but the cake ended up in the trash. I was so mad and frustrated I just couldn't look at it anymore. It was my first attempt at the Topsy Turvy cake and I think the last too... I made this cake for a friend so it didn't have to be that particular style, so when I was done baking this morning, I ended up making just a regular two-tier cake with red and white basketweave... Now I just need a break and if I see another cake I will scream... Not really but I am sure you all know what I mean!!!

Thank you all
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Your welcome. Sorry it didn't work out. You took on something you might not have been ready for. TT cakes are definitely an advanced skill. You'll be happier learning decorating if you get your frosting recipe perfected before you go any further. It appears to be 'off', too grainy and too dry so it's not sticking well to the cake or smoothing easily. Once you get that right decorating will be easier.

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I purchased Sugar Shack's topsy turvey DVD. It is great! I would recommend buying the DVD if you want to try this style of cake again.
"who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?"
"who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?"
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Thank you cai0311... I have been baking since I was 14 and decorating but never took on TT... Not sure I want to do it any time soon icon_wink.gif but I will check out the dvd and maybe one day I'll be brave enough to tackle it again lol
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