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Cake pricing programs

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Hi! This is my first post and after reading over previous posts I am in love with this website. Everyone seems so helpful and informative....I have graduated from culinary school and have been making cakes for a few years now, but my weak spot is pricing cakes. I tend to price too low then put way too much time and own money into my cakes for what I'm charging. What is the best program that I can use to help me figure out what each cake should go for? All advice is helpful. Thank you in advance icon_smile.gif
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I am in the same boat, a couple things to consider are your area (check out competitor prices), obviously you want your ingredients (boards, dowels, etc), you can make your on spreadsheet or buy something like the cake boss software. I think there are some sample spreadsheets in the tutorials section. Also consider complexity of design, if you want get paid hourly or place prices on things like x for 1 sugar flower. I've attached a great article I hope it helps, you should definitely place something on your website or flyer (or whatever) stating prices are subject to change (if only for the fact that ingredients go up and down). But be firm with your price, people don't realize how many hours, days, weeks we spend planning & prepping before we even get started!
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Hi there - I made a 'cake calculator' which is a freebie download from my facebook page.   It takes the cost of the purchases of ingredients and divides them up correctly for your recipe.  Then encourages you to price your time and other overheads too.  You are welcome to try it, if it helps!  ...:) Kx

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Cakecoach- how can I find you on Facebook? Id love to check out your program as well.
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Thank you ladies, Cakecoach- I found your fb page but didn't see the tool you mentioned. Would I have to use a computer to find it instead of my iPhone?
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I recently downloaded the Cakeulator app in the iphone store.  Only 6.99, and you can add in decorating/prep/delivery times, as well as your markup.  I think the developers are still working out a few bugs - I have already downloaded an updated version, and just got it a few weeks ago.  But all in all, it is a great program to make sure you don't underprice your products.  I currently have 200% in the profit spot, which is the equivalent of a 3x markup.



Follow me on my Twitter handle: @Sugar_Iowa

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Follow me on my Twitter handle: @Sugar_Iowa

Or on Facebook:

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Hi there,  my facebook page link should be showing at the end of any post I do.  I certainly see it at my end.  But in any event  try    Just under the banner there is a clickable button saying 100% free - cake calculator.  This should take you to the download.    If you get the calculator, I will also be able to keep you informed of any up and coming courses I am running to help with cake pricing too.   The nice thing about the CakeCoachOnline spreadsheet version  is that you can make a page per recipe and name each sheet and keep on file having printed it out.  So that it is easy to keep on track and look up the last time that particular design was used.   Have a look at it, and please give me any feed back on improvements.     Kx

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Hi there, the calculator is under the main banner - a clickable download button.      Good luck....:) Kx

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I am on you FB page but when I click the 100% free icon box all i get is a black youtube box.

I hope it comes bake up later I would love to try it.


Thank you 

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Hi Cakey Peeps - just realised that the thread here is now incorrect.  The technology behind getting the Cake Calculator to work via a downloadable facebook app proved to be a challenge and it failed more often than it worked.  (All to do with code I understand).  So this is now available from my site.  It is getting very favourable reviews from all who use it.  Currently working on a new product too which is very exciting.  Watch this space.  My site is

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You definitely need a pricing system and also to know what your costs are. It an be extremely helpful to find out what storefront bakeries charge for similar work. For a custom cake, you can't just look at their base price per serving. You have to get a couple of quotes from them.

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Thanks for the link
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Hi Cake coach! I went to your FB page it directed me to your website which then is "charging" for the freebie download. Am i doing something wrong?

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I'm seeing the same thing. It now shows a charge.

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