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Flower Paste Roses Help!

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So i've got an order to make 100 cupcakes for a wedding with roses on the top. Since i started making roses i have been using flower/modelling paste which gives a good effect , doesnt rip easily and always gives good results however , after tasting the rose once i had made it i relized it wasnt nice to eat. I was wondering whether i would gain the same effect by using normal ready roll icing ?

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I've tried with normal fondant, but they never look 'delicate' enough for me!  when i try to roll it out really thin, it breaks for me or goes really sticky when i use my ball tool so I only really do my roses out of flowerpaste, maybe others have a way of doing it with normal icing.

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Hello, I'm a newbie so this is my first post!! When I do roses to go on a wedding cake, I use flowerpaste, simply because they look miles better and they tend not to get eaten anyway. When I make roses for cupcakes I use sugarpaste treated with tylo, and make them using the Mich Turner way (no cutters, all done using your hands/thumbs).. But I'd love to hear what other people do!

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Thank you for your responses. I was thinking about it last night and maybe i could flavour the flower paste. I'll try this one today icon_smile.gif would you be able to define what tylo Is I am from the UK and wondered if I could by that here ? icon_smile.gif
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Years ago in Victoria there was an older lady who made all her flowers from fondant with nothing added.  She made the most beautiful, delicate flowers.  I personally cannot get it to work as I find it too sticky but it can be done.

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Tylo is sold in the UK as Tylose or CMC - it is a synthetic version of gum tragacanth which can also be used but takes 24 hours for the gum to activate - CMC works almost immediately.


What flowerpaste are you using that you don't like the taste of - flowerpaste is hard and brittle and not pleasant to eat but it shouldn't taste any worse than sugarpaste.

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Tylo is Tylose Powder which I 'think' is the same as Gum Tragancanth - I use it for flowers too if I don't have any pre-made flowerpaste in, and it works well!  I get mine from Ebay and I add 1tsp of it to 250g of fondant and knead it in well :)

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It's only an idea and I don't know if it'll work but has anyone tried putting a drop of flavouring/rose water  into the flowerpaste? You'd only need a drop of it surely. 

Sorry if its off the wall it was just an idea. :)

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I only make flowers that are going to be eaten out of modeling chocolate now, if you use less syrup/liquid glucose you get a stiffer chocolate which works way better for flowers


I use 1-and-a-half tlb corn syrup or liquid glucose per 200g chocolate: melt the choc, stir in the glucose, wrap in clingfilm, leave overnight, soften for 10seconds on low power in microwave, kneed in 50g ready roll icing per 200g choc used (this makes it a little easier to handle), make roses!! (if you find it too soft cut and shape your petals then put them in the fridge for 5 mins and try working with them again)


HTH :-)

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Yes, I agree with Gray. If the roses are on cupcakes or expected to be eaten, I'd use modeling chocolate. They are actually more forgiving too!

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I'm not in favour of using anything inedible on cupcakes....people expect to be be able to eat the decorations and however much flowerpaste is made from sugar, the reality is you cannot eat it without choking. It does not taste good either. 

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I also use modeling chocolate for cupcakes, unless it is something really simple and small, like a plum blossom, then I will just use fondant.

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Thank you for all of your comments I tried it with White modelling chocolate and it looked just as good icon_smile.gif please feel free to check out my Facebook page I would greatly appreciate it icon_smile.gif
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Did you post a pic of your roses made out of chocolate on your page? Couldn't find them, but i did like your page and some lovely work on there - well done icon_smile.gif)

I've just set my page up too on facebook lol I feel so nervous about it tho cos I've not got a lot on my page yet lol
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Have you considered using a candy to make the roses - like Tootsie Rolls or Starburst

Those are more than edible! and come already colored/flavored!




Mine surely aren't as thin as some of the others I have seen on this site but they are yummy!

Good luck!


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