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edible monogram letters

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How do I make a single monogram letter for a topper? The ones I keep making out of fondant keep tearing or have creases. Please help!!!
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Royal icing runout! They're super easy if you have the right consistency! I'm on my phone so it's more difficult to copy and past links. Just Google royal icing runout tutorial; you should be able to find one easily.
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Oh Thank you icon_smile.gif just upgraded to using g fondant a couple weeks ago And it's a totally different ball game. I've only used buttercream before.
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Royal icing is soo much fun to work with!

The best part is that there's no grease so it's really easy to clean up!
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So royal icing is mainly for outlines and 3-D work?
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Flowers, scrolls, drop line work, borders... etc. If you can imagine it, there's a decent chance it can be done in royal icing. I'm not sure what your cake toy budget looks like but if you can swing it, the art of royal icing by Eddie Spence is an excellent book. You can get it for around $50 on eBay.
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I think Yummy Arts has a video for learning to do monograms.

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Thank y'all too late to make it tonight but will definitely do tomorrow. I need it for the middle of a baby shower cake icon_smile.gif
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When's the baby shower? Royal icing needs time to dry.
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It really needs to be done tonight...

Do you want it to stand up on the cake or are you laying it flat? If you're laying it flat, you can use fondant and do it tomorrow. If you want it to stand up, any medium you use would need to be done tonight.
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Cute cake btw icon_smile.gif
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Make a spare or two in case it breaks

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I have not used royal icing yet.I have a recipe for it.  I will one day try to make it and see if I can make some flowers and maybe some bows that I saw in one of my Wilton books from a pattern. Is royal icing hard to pipe with? If I just dive right in, I may just enjoy working with it. I will have to sit down one day and go for it!!! Because I have heard that it dries fast I always thought it might be very hard to squeeze out of the icing tips.

BTW, your cake is very cute!!!

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just tuned in. RI might be best for you at this point. But I usually do straight gumpaste (cookie cutters help give a really neat cut)  with a skewer run through it while it's still soft.

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