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Rainbow Cake Pops

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I'm never sure whether to post cake pop images in the Cake Decorating or the Cupcakes forum! I kinda wish there was a Cake Pop forum : )


Recently I made a video tutorial on how to make cake pops with rainbow stripes. There's also a part where I show how to apply the same technique to a small cake so that it has colorful stripes on the inside. These make fun looking desserts that you could serve at a St. Patrick's Day party.


You can click on the image below to watch the tutorial:



Here is the direct link to my video - SparkedIdeas)


For more related links, please see my profile.


Please do let me know if you end up making these rainbow pops. I'm interested in hearing what people have to say!


Sparked Ideas





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very nice

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Those look really cool!! Nice job!!

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Hi thanks for sharing, these look great.

Can I ask some advice regarding flavouring cake pops please? Im not sure if its best to put flavouring into cake batter mix before baking or into crumbled cake. Any suggestions gratefully received :0)
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