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Very Vanilla Cake?

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Hi everyone. Would love some suggestions for a white cake that is moist and explodes with clean vanilla flavor. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Take your favorite recipe and make it with three kinds of vanilla.  Use a Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican.  Definitely use a combo of extract and vanilla bean.  Also, make a nice creme patissiere for the filling, and use the bean and extract combo for that too.

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I have been obsessing over vanilla lately. I've been looking for a good very-vanilla flavor too. You could try making vanilla sugar to use in your batter. I split a couple beans and bury them in a few cups of sugar, leave it in the pantry for a few days or more; yummy vanilla flavor and scent. I use paste sometimes, too. OR, you could steep a bean in your wet ingredients, if it won't damage them.

Hope any of that helps!

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