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Best size cake

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I've been asked to make some cakes for a wedding.  I'm not doing the cake for their photos as I have never reached that level of expertise.  This will be my gift for the couple.  They want enough cakes for 300 people.  I was thinking 8 12x18 cakes, but after reading some posts on boards and boxes, I'm wondering if I should go with 9x13s.  They will all be very simply decorated in the colors she is using. 


I would appreciate any advice you can give me.  I've done some cakes for birthdays and anniversaries, but not more than 2 cakes at a time, so this is making me rather nervous.




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A 12 x 18 x 4 inch cake will serve 108 "wedding" pieces.


A 9 x 13 x 4 inch cake will serve 52 "wedding pieces" cutting the cake into 4 strips and then 13 pieces.  It will fit into your fridge much easier than the 12 x 18.


Please look at other threads started today on Cake Central for the links to commonly used tables.


Finally please ask the bride to verify that she will be permitted to bring cakes to the reception.  Many venues require the use of a certified kitchen for catered food including cakes.  Certification usually involves an inspection of the kitchen--this is not just a piece of paper.

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