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Help! Buying things to make cupcakes!

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There are only a couple stores close to me and none of them have the cupcake papers I need. Does anyone know a good reliable site online to order cupcake papers and other things?


Thank you!

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somebody told me to go to and i found so many varieties there...worth looking at.

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You can also check JoAnn's and Michaels, Bed and Bath or go to Wilton's website, they have a large selection to choose from and cheap.
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Here are some sites to buy supplies:


I buy the brown and white grease proof cupcake liners from Charming Creations and I LOVE them!


HTH  :)

post #6 of 8 is a site I use for liners :)

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Just a heads up for anyone ordering from Wesellcoffee - they do have great prices, HOWEVER. . . . I placed an order with them on 4-7-2013 for boxes - a total of $147. According to the UPS tracker, it took NINE DAYS after I paid them with PAYPAL (instant payment!) before they finally shipped my package, and I am STILL waiting for delivery. Their website indicates that they ship within 4 -5 days and my area (KCMO) should recieve packages in 3 days, which at the outside should be 8 days, right? It has now been 15 days and I am still without an order that was paid for at the time of order. If you are in a hurry or need your items within a period of several weeks, you might consider paying a little more for faster service. Or plan ahead. WAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead.

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I have used several times with nothing taking as long as Dani said. I do live in FL so not all that close to where they are located. I have done a LOT of research looking at different sites & has the best prices I can find anywhere online.

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