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Pearlized Fondant?

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How do you pearlize a fondant cake (like for wedding cakes)? I believe I read somewhere that you need to air brush it. If this is correct.. how do you air brush it to make the pearlized sheen on the cake? What do you need, pearl dust? Do you have to mix the pearl dust with something like extract or alcohol then spray the cake? How does this work?


I don't have an air brush gun yet, but will be getting one soon so I don't have any experience with air brushing.

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Since you don't have an airbrush, you could use PME's Edible Lustre Spray or Wilton's Color Mist. I had to use the Pearl Wilton Color Mist in a pinch recently, and was pleasantly surprised. Hope this helps!



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You don't need an airbrush necessarily. You can use a large soft brush (like one for putting powder or blusher on your face - brand new though!), and apply the lustre dust on dry. This is a good method because you can control the amount of depth you give the lustre easily. It can be mixed with vodka but for large areas you are better off doing it dry.


You can also buy spray cans of lustre, PME do them for example, but be warned the PME cans are small and you can easily use 4 cans on a 3 tier cake. Also, they are super uncomfortable to spray with, the spray button hurts your finger.

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