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Wanting to make an ice cream cake

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I'm new here...this is my first post.  I'm an amateur cake maker...I mostly just do it for fun and because the local bakeries wanted an arm and a leg to make the cakes I had wanted for my daughters...I now understand's a lot of workicon_eek.gif !!  But I do enjoy doing it :)


Anyway, I received a Kitchen Aid for Christmas and also the ice cream maker attachment for the mixer.  So now my creative side is screaming ICE CREAM CAKE at me and I can't turn it off icon_confused.gif 


I'm going to start browsing this website, but thought maybe someone on the forums might be able to start me off in the right direction :)  I am thinking of a Neapolitan cake (layer of vanilla, some fudge, and a layer of strawberry) for my husband's birthday in I have some time to experiment.  I welcome any tips, tricks, and advice. 


Thank you!


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I too got a kitchenaide for Christmas this year!! I can't give you any tips (sorry), but I'd like to know how. If I could figure out how to make one, my weight loss would be so over. I've gained 5lbs just thinking about it.

Good luck,
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lol!  OMG...I have to exercise some serious willpower to not eat a ton of everything I make.  I think my first step will be to just make the ice cream and get it to the consistencies I want it ??  And learn how to work fast with children running around me so that the ice cream doesn't melt the second I start to assemble or frost :/ 


I think it's going to be  But I appreciate the good luck...I'll have to post again if I manage to pull it off!!



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Yes, please do. Maybe it would help if you have a freezer you can turn waaay down, get it rock hard so you can work with it easier!?
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That's a good idea :)  I have two refrigerator/ freezers, so I can definitely utilize one just for the cake!! 

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Cant wait to hear/see how it turns out!!
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When I make an ice cream cake (for family) I use a spring form pan. I line it with waxed paper an start layering the flavors. Freeze well and before un-springing it, run a hot towel around the outside to loosen it. 

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Thanks Ellavanilla!!  I didn't even think to use a spring form pan!!  Perfect...thank you!

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