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Ok try again
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Go to the search bar and type in snowballs. Than click on hostess snowballs
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Now if I ass doing them I would make round cakeballs than use the recipe from the last website that I gave you for your marshmallow coating. Use a fork or cakepop stick to dip it into the coating than roll into your colored coconut than either leave on cakepop stick for cakepop or remove the stick and sever on a plate
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Woe I went to the second page all by myself lol I was determined to find a recipe plus I can't fall asleep so I just kept searching
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Thanks Kazita, I spent hours searching google and coming up with loads of recipes but none of the marshmallow icings appear to set up like the hostess cakes thats why I requested help from my friends at cake central.  I'm thinking about trying a homemade marshmallow recipe.  I want the coating to come out like the candy peeps.

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That last website I gave you uses marshmallow to cover the cakes
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