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Gourmet Flavors

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HI, I would like to make the Kahlu cake from the gourmet flavors by Macsmom. it says:
WASC either white or chocolate (your preference): Use 1 c Kahlu, 1 c Mudslide drink mix, 2/3 c water, and 1 dram LorAnn Kona coffee flavor.

My question is.
1. do I make the entire WASC and add these ingrediants ?
2. or are the ingredients in place of (something)?
3. is LorAnn Keoke and Reg Coffee flavors the same as Kona
3. can I use a made from scratch cake and not the WASC
4. is the below list a filling or frosting or both
16 oz cream cheese, 4 c white chocolate, butter, 2 c PS, 1 dram LoRann Kona Coffee flavor
5. and final question, does 1 dram really mean the entire little bottle.
Help, needing expert advice. Thanks
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You use the Kahlua, Muslide mix and water in place of the 2 and 2/3 cups water the recipe calls for. Sorry I don't know about the different coffee flavors. One dram does mean the entire bottle. That's all the answers I know.
HTH a little.
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Question #4- those ingredients are for white chocolate Kahlua truffle filling.
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