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Football cake

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Im making a football cake for my grandson and Im making 2 cakes from the wilton football pan and putting them together and icing them with and wanted to make sure its going to hold its shape. Has anyone done this and any tips would be great!! Thanks!!!!
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I never did a football but I think if u insert a few tiny dowels or boba straws it should hold. Let s see what other members advise.
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sorry I missed "Im icing the football with fondant" lol
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Oh! Lol, I didn t even realize you missed something in there! icon_smile.gif
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Hi, I've just finished making a football cake for a friend.

I made the cake in the two halves of the ball pan, halved the halves horizontally and put a thin layer of jam and buttercream in between. I then crumb coated them seperately with crusting buttercream and pushed a dowel through to make a guide hole for later.

Then I pushed the dowel through a think cake board and hot glued it in place. I estimated the length of the dowel to be slightly shorter than the combined height of the two halves so it wouldn't poke through the top.

I chose to cover it with individual pentagons and hexagons of black and white to get a smooth layer. I put the first black pentagon on one of the halves while it was still flat on the board, and built up a layer of white hexagons round it.

Next I turned the half upside down for the bottom of the ball and slotted it onto the dowel. I smeared a thin layer of buttercream on top and placed the second half onto the dowel, pressing down gently to ensure they stuck together. i quickly evened out the join with a little more buttercream and put it into the fridge to set.

After that I just built up the pattern of fondant to complete the ball. The cake did wobble a little on the dowel, so I added a triad of short dowels through the board close to the centre to provide added stability.

I hope this helps - it's rather long!
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