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Moist cupcakes?

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I'm new here, I've found a real passion for making cupcakes. However I wondered if any of you cupcake makers could help me please? My problem is my sponge comes out a bit dry and not as light and fluffy as I'd like. I've tried different recipes but the only one that doesn't taste dry - sinks and comes away from the casing. I'm using stork butter and mcdougals flour is there a better type I should be using? Are there any fail safe recipes anyone can point me in the right direction of? Thank you for any help you can give me.
Sarah icon_smile.gif x
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this is a recipe I use and they turn out soft and yummy!!

200gms castor sugar
200gms home baking flour
200gms butter or margarine
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp vanilla essence
4 eggs

mix as normal >

bake at 170 degrees centigrade for 45 minutes.
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Thank you for replying icon_smile.gif
Is home baking flour self raising flour?
Thank you x
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Im new here too, hope its okay to chip in but this is all to familar to me.
I too use stork and McDougals flours and I also had issue with dry cupcakes. I found that if I reduced cooking times a bit it solved the issue for me anyway. I start checking my cupcakes about 5 mins before the actual cooking time. It made a huge difference in my cakes. My oven is a fan assisted oven and I also initially forgot to reduce oven temp by 20 degrees, that too helped and gave a smoother top to my cakes. So around 18 mins seems to be good for my oven when recipes give 25 mins.
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I found using sour cream really helps keep them moist!
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