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Cupcake Containers

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Where do you buy your cupcake containers? I get the plastic 6, 12 & 24 "clamshell" packages from GSA - but the shipping kills me. I love GSA and buy tons of bakery supplies from them (they also ship quickly -which is A+), but I only need cupcake containers this order and they're going to cost me as much to ship as I will pay for several packs of containers!! I don't have room to store an entire case of 100. Anyone help me find somewhere with more affordable shipping fees and smaller packs??

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I've used I found their prices to be pretty good.
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Were I live in NJ the local Shoprite will sell me containers. I am not sure of the cost (as compared to online) but if you are in a pinch and need something fast, this might work for you. I know when we have bought a 1/2 shee cake box it was 2.00. Of course the cupcake containers would be much cheaper I am sure.
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This website is good too
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