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Originally Posted by inspiredbymom

All I wanted was a sample to see if I liked it. I'm not ready to order 50 #'s of something that is nasty. They also said that this new place took over Pillsbury cake line for the bulk and tweaked it to their liking. Again, why mess with a good thing? Now I really don't know what to do. I have read on here that you can get samples but I can't get any info on where to get them. Any suggestions?

I recommend buying the 5# Gold Medal mix, Amazon has it for $15 with free shipping. If you like it, your local distributor should sell a 50# bag.

GM's other professional cake mix, Pillsbury Bakers Plus, is not available in 5#.
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Figures, the plus was what I was looking into. Does this ever become good news? icon_smile.gif
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I used to use doctored mixes all the time, but since I've moved to AZ I usually bake from scratch. I have noticed a difference the few times I did use a doctored recipe, but I thought it was possibly due to the higher elevation here.
The cakes come out spongy & full of holes! and when I make cake pops with it, the texture is off.
I've had some boxes sitting in my pantry for a while so I decided to check them out. The Pillsbury is 18.9 oz & the Betty Crocker is 15.25.

....this is a problem
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More has changed with the box than just the size. Where the old box said "1 cup of pudding in the mix" it now says "As always, pudding in the mix". I think this may be the key to getting the denser product that we Pillsbury users are used to achieving. The ingredient list also states cornstarch further down the list than it used to be, which is a main ingredient in pudding.

I need to do some experimenting, but I think I'll start by adding a small package of pudding. I have a few of the good mixes left so I can compare it to the new and doctored mix.
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I hear alot of people on here talking about a doctored cake mix vs. a regular cake mix. Who cares? They are obviously not coming out the way we are used to doing either method. For whoever made the comment that customer service says not to play around with the mix..."we are still working on it"....UGH. DO you know who many cookbook I have that Pillsbury and Betty Crocker have made in which the recipe starts with a BOX MIX??????? They should have known that it would CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!! These companies should have thought of that before they went a messed everything up.

Now what are they going to do????????????? Re-write all their cookbooks they have made over the last 30 years??? Dumb move on their part!!!!
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Originally Posted by Danielle1218

Now what are they going to do????????????? Re-write all their cookbooks they have made over the last 30 years??? Dumb move on their part!!!!

Not so dumb if it means selling more cookbooks.
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Well....I won't buy anymore.

I did buy some store brand cake mixes from Tops today to see how they work out. I know it is inevitable that they will switch too.........but one can only hope.
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I noticed some said the water, oil, eggs were the same as before. On DH it is not. The cakes all require the same ingredient amounts whether it be white, chocolate, or french vanilla. ! box, 1c water, 3 eggs, 1/3 cup oil. Before the change they were different, 1 1/4c water, 3 egg whites, 2 tbs oil, for white, 1 1/3 c water 3 eggs, and 1/2 c oil for chocolate, etc. I am now trying to make everything from scratch. I tried using the new boxes on a cookies and cream cake I make, using the WASC method and the cake was awful. I am just glad it was for my neice. I'm switching to scratch, but I wonder how these companies can do this. When you go to their site, and even on the sides of the boxes they have recipes using their cake mix but using either the old box amount or using the old boxes ingredients~not the new ones.
The worst critic is yourself.
The worst critic is yourself.
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you can not just add the 3 oz back into it, they have changed the formula of the mix inside that box, the cake is not coming out right at all! To may air holes, to thick, and a bad after taste! Call the company and complain they need to hear for all of us so we can get the good pillsbury we all grew up with back! I can not serve this crap to my customers, I am sitting here looking at 10 layers of cake that is falling apart and tastes aweful! Not sure what I will be doing for my client tomorrow I am just sitting here in tears! icon_cry.gif
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I bake my stuff from scratch so I can't really relate to all these issues.. I agree with another poster... everyone switch to scratch baking. These large companies will eventually feel this loss in their bottom line (if everyone buys these mixes in the large quantities that are being mentioned on here).
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Webstaurant store carries bulk mixes in 5lb. Bags they are not a brand that I've heard of, but the prices are good (shipping is high for just one item to a residence), but if you can ship to a business or order multiple items, the shipping seems more reasonable.
I have a scratch baking blog!
I have a scratch baking blog!
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I am officially done with Pillsbury. As someone previously can't just add 3 oz to the mix because it is a different formula. I am sick of worrying if my cakes will come out or not....cupcakes are AWFUL with the new formula/size.

I don't know if any of you have an Aldi's around you....but I am using their cake mixes from now on. They sell a chocolate, yellow and white for 99cents a box AND it has pudding in the mix already. I have made 3 cakes this way so far (and I have 2 in the oven as I type this) and they come out great. I will note that the batter is a little thin when you put it in your pan, but it bakes up great. Maybe it feels thin to me since Pillsbury is now so thick.

If you have an Aldi's near you....give it a try.
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For those frustrated bakers out there thinking you may try the Pillsbury Plus White cake mix in bulk.... It was a waste of money and time for me!! I purchased a 25# bag from my supplier about a year ago thinking I would be saving money and not having to chase down the single boxes at the grocery stores.. Well it is not the same cake mix that "was" on the shelves. It only called for adding oil and water ... no egg or egg whites...
The cakes did not come out white... it was closer to a french vanilla cake. It did bake fine but was a hassle to simplify the formula to a 6quart mixer ... directions on bag are for commercial mixers.
If you don't mind the cake not being a white cake then you may want to try the bulk.
I also found out that the bulk cake mixes are not made by the same company that makes the single store box mixes. Smuckers company bought the store mixes and not the bulk side of the company...

I hope this info helps someone...

I myself am still a frustrated baker!!!
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After using Pillsbury for years, once they changed the formula, my cakes started collapsing on the sides and had tunnels all through the cake...and did not taste good at all. Tried the Gold Medal mixes. After MANY batches of cake and cupcakes, my boss and I found a concoction we like: 3 cups mix, 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of water, 3 eggs, 1 box of pudding, 1 tsp. vanilla exract, and 1/8 tsp. of any of the following: caramel, coconut, rum, almond or hazlenut. I had to lower my baking temp to keep the crust from being too dense. The only problem I have is the middle sinks slightly as the cake cools. Still working on that.
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Country Kitchen SA carries mixes. has anyone tried the CK brand? They also have a 9lb in white, chocolate & yellow but unsure if it is also the CK brand.
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