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Butternut Cake?

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A client I just booked requested that her cake be red velvet, confetti cake, and butternut... At the time I assumed she meant butter pecan, but now that I'm working all the details out, I'm worried she meant something else. I'm definitely going to call her and check, but I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of a "butternut" cake?
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Butternuts are an American species of tree nuts. Not quite like anything else...

There are a few bands of butternut flavour out there : LorAnn has a vanilla-butternut and that brand's nut flavours are all strong and true. You can buy the dram size which is enough for a tasting cake to make sure the bride agrees with the interpretation.
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Butternut is also a species of pumpkin ..
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And Dunkin Donuts has a delicious Butternut donut.
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