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Meringue Buttercream... Too Buttery

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I love SMBC and IMBC but a lot of people tell me it's like eating sweetened butter. I've ready this on postings before so I should clarify that I do think it holds flavorings well and I use a good amount of vanilla flavoring when making standard SMBC or IMBC. I've also tried half shortening and half butter, have tried using high quality European butters, and people still said it tasted too buttery. Any ideas to make it not so buttery? I'm going to try and make a batch tomorrow night with white chocolate.

For those that make SMBC or IMBC often, does making a white chocolate version mask some of the strong butter flavor?

And has anyone tried folding whipped cream into a batch of SMBC or IMBC? And if so, did it make it too soft too where it just kinds of gloops off the cake?
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Don't fold in any whipped cream.

Next time add less butter.

Some recipes call for a pound of butter and a cup of sugar, and some recipes call for a half pound of butter to a cup of sugar. Because the eggs and sugar have been cooked into a very stable meringue, there is a range of butter ratios that will work.
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Agree, don't add whipped cream.

Try adding more sugar. Don't know what recipe you are using but I have gone as high as 12 oz sugar to 1 lb of butter.
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Mine is closer to FromScratch's and my ratio of whites is higher than most too.

I wrote about this on another thread, but make sure to use quality butter. They all have flavor enhancers, but the best are LOL, Plugra, and fresh churned from farmers markets and local dairies. Off brands have more of the fake butter taste and will come out, in a bad way, in your buttercream.
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