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So Disappointed in the Champagne Cake I made.... HELP!

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So, I found a scratch champagne recipe on here and it was one disappointment after another. I am not sure if I was just having an off day or what. I made a champagne filling that was a custard base. I have used a double boiler plenty of times, but for some reason the custard refused to thicken enough. I followed the directions exactly. It was very frustrating. Then I go to make the cake and it was going great until I added the champagne then it seemed like the cake started looking grainy. After that I tried to still bake it. They came out fine. They rose well and they smelled good, but when we cut into the cake and ate it the texture was very bread like. It was just not that appetizing the flavor was okay, but nothing like the cakes I have had from other bakeries. Then I tried making the champagne frosting and that was just HORRIBLE! The frosting curdled and separated as well. I thought the recipe looked like it had way too much liquid in it. It did not seem right, but instead of trying to fix the ratios I just went with it. It was pourable. Like soup. Disgusting. I ended up making my standardd buttercream which turned out great.

I was so frustrated. I need a really great champagne cake recipe for a baby shower in June. I made this recipe for Mother's day hoping I would get a good result. Obviously, I did not. I am not sure if this experience was all my fault or if it was a recipe issue. I followed all the directions exactly. HELP! I really need a good, tried and true champagne cake recipe. TIA
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I have had good luck with the WASC cake but subbing liquid with moscato bubbly wine.
I have then made a normal buttercream but again added the moscato wine instead of the other liquid. They turned out great!
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This might be a good thread to read. Read from the start.
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Pm me and I'll share that final recipe.

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Thank you so much for the help! icon_wink.gif
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My champagne cake is a white I'm already in love with soaked with real champagne. Easy. icon_smile.gif
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Have you tried the LorAnn Champagne flavoring? That may be a better way to go than to use actual champagne, especially for a baby shower (depending on how sensitive the mom-to-be is, she may not feel comfortable consuming even a small amount of alcohol). You could also use orange filling and make a mimosa cake instead and substitute juice for the booze:
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