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helppppppp !!!

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Excuse form my english. It´s no good. the question is .....i have a problem with my cupcakes cups .....after baking the cupcakes the cups come offf the cupcakes !!!
there is any person who has been the same problem ??? the problem is for the dought ??? the receipe is the chocolate cupcakes....with the vainilla cupcakes the problem does not exsist

someboy knows what happened ???
thanks in advanced
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When I fill my pan too full and the cupcake doesn't dome very much, my tops are easy to pull off. Some of them pull off when I take them out of the pan. Perhaps this is what is happening with yours?
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Try using quality greaseproof liners. Also, take them out of the pan right away. And don't store them until they are completely cool. Some cupcake do better when they aren't stored airtight. Leave a little crack in the container.

Good luck.
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I agree with the above. my liners misbehave when i overfill the cups.

good luck! icon_smile.gif
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thanks for yours responses....I will try to do as Thomas had to see if I can not take off thank you very much also i try to make antoher receipe if there are the problem !!! kises
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