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I've been to two different winners' bakeries--one in Princeton and one in Boston. The Princeton one was good the first time and less so the second time. That bakery, too, is very grungy-looking and not visually appealing at all. The Boston one was absolutely the cutest place I have ever seen--but the cupcakes were not that good. (In their defense, I was there pretty late--I'm going back this week earlier in the day to see if they're better then.)
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Yes, I work at one that has been on the show three times "Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar."

*~Mommy to Marissa 17yrs & Dylan 9yrs~*


*~Mommy to Marissa 17yrs & Dylan 9yrs~*

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There is one in Texas in my town and their cupcakes are awful. A few months before they went on the show I stopped by their bakery. I bought 4 different ones and sampled them with my boyfriend. They were all dry, and had big mounds of frosting that seemed to be trying to cover the fact that they were dry and tasted kinda old.  After the show, of course they had a long line of people to get in, but their reviews online started showing what I had experienced.


People equate TV celebrity with something that must be good. 

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That would be Brandon of Mission Minis here in SF, and he's been on twice now. I was surprised to see him get to the end making his micro mini cupcakes, I've never seen that before on the show - it's literally making 1/3 of the cake the other contestant made. Anyway, I don't love his cupcakes, but he's a good guy. He built his mini empire from, like, nothing and is a really giving, super cool person.

Ya'all have to understand, they are *not* looking for bakers, they are looking for people to give them good TV. You have to produce a slick audition tape, be good on camera, and "have lots and lots personality and wow factor", as I was told by a casting director that contacted me about auditioning. Cartwheels, drama, matching bows in your hair, tutus... all crap they want.

Did not make the show. Would love to, but I suck on camera. I'm a bad faker.

Does not have matching bows, tutus, and would probably need traction if I attempted a cartwheel. icon_biggrin.gif[/quote]
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I feel you on NO big bows and tutus. Some of the things the contestants do and say. Oh my thanks!! It saddens me when bakers, ANY baker novice or professional is not given a chance to compete on a baking show because they're not actors. PATHETIC!!!
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I went to the famous sisters cupcake shop in DC once (they were on cup cake wars at least once).  I thought their cupcakes were good.  They have since opened a couple of other shops.  I'm glad that their TV show no longer runs.  I thought they acted like children and couldn't stand the way they talked to their 'mommy'.  But, their cup cakes are decent and I've tried a few of their recipes.

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the 'mommy' thing creeped me out too -- not wanting to step on any one's toes--but it was a tv show so...i mean lots of kids work for their parents and call them by their first name (like larry or mary) in the business world--this was the opposite of that where they seemed to revert to toddler age -- idk -- i mean idk know why it creeped me out and idk why they called her that--


but i really liked the show and they seemed like they were really cool and the mom was cool too just that 'mommy' thing--


and i loved their work too--

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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You're right K8, it was a TV show and there are ratings to maintain.  I could just imagine a show with me and my 5 sisters doing a business together.  We are all best friends but our personalities are so different that a reality show would probably not be pretty.  


But I do have 2 of their books and there are a couple of recipes in particular that I really love (the lemon and the raspberry white chocolate).  Others are good too but these are my favorite so far.  Got a hand it to them, they really built a good business for themselves.  But something about them just drove me nuts (although I still watched them when they were on).

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Just visited one today, in Lucasville, Ohio ...a mother and daughter team won...I got a couple diffferent flavored cupcakes and a cake pop......all were very good and reasonably priced...very friendly staff and clean bakery...

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It's "mommy" specifically that's weird. If they called her "mom" I doubt anyone would have noticed.
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It was especially weird because other people in the store called her Mommy, too.  


I recently went to a shop that was on cupcake wars, but I don't know how they placed.  I had a gluten free/dairy free mini thing that was pretty tasty, but tasted strongly of coconut in spite of being pumpkin flavored.  My kids enjoyed their cupcakes, but I tasted a bit of the buttercream and it was very grainy.  Plus they had cupcakes ready to purchase that had disco dust on them.  I confirmed with the person at the counter that's what it was.  Selling cupcakes with non-edible glitter on them does not seem like a bright idea to me, no matter how well they did on the show.

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I've been to Sweet Daddy in Phoenix, they now have 3 locations. They blow Sprinkles away. My 4 kids actually spit out their Sprinkles cupcakes, they thought it was awful. I tried to force myself to eat one...didn't really work. 

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