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Support for a ceramic/porcelain figure on top of cake

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I've been asked to make a Precious Moments baby shower cake. The cake itself will be two tier 6 and 8 inch. The mom to be said she will provide me with a topper which will be a figure of a parents to be holding a baby. She sent me a picture and I'm afraid it will be too heavy for the cake. What can I use for support underneath to make sure the cake won't collapse because of the weight?

She mentioned to me she had a similar cake done for her wedding and the bakery added something extra for support. I'm trying to figure out the best way and I'm so worried because this is really the first cake that's ordered from me. Please help!
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Since it's a non-food item, I would put it on a small cardboard circle and use dowels under it.
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DEFINATELY use dowel rods and either a cardboard circle, or if it is really heavy, I would use a plastic separator plate...
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Definitely on it's own board, as others have mentioned.

If the figure has a hole on the bottom, drive a dowel through the entire cake into the base board leaving a little poking up through the top. Fill the hole with fondant, slide it over the dowel and glue the figure to the board with some royal icing.

The fondant will pop right out of the bottom and can also be washed out.

Be sure the cake is in it's final destination before placing the topper. If the cake has to be moved, take the topper off first!
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Thank you all for your advice. Do I put the board underneath the fondant before I cover the entire cake to hide it? Or do I cut another board about the same size as the figures and place on top of covered cake with dowels underneath so it's hidden?

This is an example of how id like it to look.
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Not under the fondant. They won't be able to cut the cake..
Cut the board the same size as the figurines if you can. If they are too small, you could alway cover the cake board with layer of fondant and attach the figures to it. But I'd find a way to hid the board, even if it is decorative food safe paper.

And the lnk didn't work for me.
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Thank you! I'll try that. I just hope I don't disappoint. It's for a good friend of mine icon_smile.gif
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You really just need dowels (straws) in the top tier. The board is unnecessary as the topper is already firm (unlike another cake layer). If the bottom of the topper is a bit recessed, just cut the straws a bit above the surface.

I promise this works icon_smile.gif

If you aren't convinced, though, you can always place dowels in the cake, a mirror on top of that (available at Michael's), then the topper on that (on site). Even if you cut the cardboard to size, it will have unsightly edges that would have to be covered.
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