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Cupcake Stands

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Hello!! I am looking for a good source for cupcake stands. I would prefer something that is collapsible yest sturdy and can also change heights, like removable tiers. Oh yes, it also needs to be affordable as I just started my home business and need something to get started with. I did purchase 2 Wilton 3 tier cupcake stands to use next weekend as I wasn't sure I would be able to get something nicer in time. Does anyone use these regularly? Hope they work fairly well icon_rolleyes.gif
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I really like mclaserpro ( I've ordered from them several times and they offer exceptional quality stands at good prices. I would highly suggest going with the maypole design. Before finding this site, I ordered some other acrylic stands and ended up hating having to put all of those pieces together. HTH!

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KoryAK suggested this stand to me and I bought it... it is WONDERFUL!!

Made of acrylic, looks like glass, lightweight, easy to clean and holds about 90-100 cupcakes. HTH!! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks!! Those are both great options! Has anyone used wood or something similar? I would assume that would get pretty heavy.
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I made and use a wooden stand. See here for more info on the construction and costs.

It is heavier than a plastic or acrylic stand. Yes this makes it more of a pain to lug around, however to me it is much more stable when you have a rush of people grabbing cupcakes off of it.
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Cup cake stands are available with at your affordable price. They are selling many popular restaurant supplies that may suit for your home business. Try that site for your optional restaurant equipments and accessories too.
post #7 of 10 - they are cardboard disposable stands, but the price is right, they can be decorated any way you want - to fit any theme. We have used them many many times and they work great.
post #8 of 10 has some pretty cool ones, you can do some really neat stuff!
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If you want affordable cupcake stands, why don't you try cardboard stands. They are light weighted, cheap and come with a variety of design options. Some vendors also provide the one with adjusting heights, as you mentioned.

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I agree I think the cardboard cupcake stands would be the way to go if you're looking for the most cost efficient product.  However, if you plan to reuse them and really want to get your money's worth, I would recommend a PVC or laminated foam core stand.  They have smooth surfaces that you can easily wipe down time and time again.  And they come apart for easy transport.  You'll really get bang for your buck.

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