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Transformers cake please help!!

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I've agreed (rather stupidly maybe!) to make a transformers cake for a friends son's 5th birthday. I'm a perfectionist but also not much of an artist has anyone got any ideas to help me please? I don't have loads of equipment was thinking a square cake. Any help anyone can give would be sooooo appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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My youngest son want's an Iron Man cake for his birthday.. I am not good at drawing anything on a cake or carving a cake. So I was searching on cake central and found this cake:::

I sent the lady a PM asking her how she did the cake.. She said she printed it out and then used parchment paper to trace over it to get the outlines and then did a piping gel transfer.

My printer no longer works.. So I found a picture of Iron Man I wanted, went to the paint program on my computer. Resized the image to make it as big as I wanted on my computer screen and then took a piece of computer paper, traced it on my screen with a black marker on to the paper. And that is how I got my Iron Man image. Then I took the image, taped it to a cookie sheet, put a piece of wax paper over the top, taped that and then I could see my image on top.. Then I took my black buttercream, traced all the lines on the Iron Man, then put that in the freezer to set up for like 5 minutes.. Took it out and then filled in the rest with red and gold.. I used this youtube video for a frozen buttercream transfer:

I am going to attach my image of my first ever buttercream transfer, which is just a trial run that I did to make sure I could make one for my son's cake.. But I plan on making a 1/2 sheet cake, tint my frosting gold to match iron man, and then do a red border and put the frozen buttercream transfer I am making of Iron Man on the left hand side and do a "Happy Birthday" writing next to it...

Maybe this can help you?? But that is what I am planning on doing and I really like the looks of frozen buttercream transfers.. =)

if you have any question's feel free to message me!
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Thanks! That's kind of what I was thinking I've found a picture of the logo that I like so I'm gonna give it my best shot!
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HI! My sons 3rd bday cake was Transformers, in hindsight I would have used a template for the decepticon/autobot faces...So thats my advice if you go with those classic logs, save yourself the headache and use a template!!! good luck!!!
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